Alexey Vovchenko, the First Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation participates in the first meeting of the Employment working group (EWG) of the G20 countries during the Japanese chairmanship of the forum (25-27 February, 2019, Tokyo, Japan).

During the first meeting of the EWG the following issues will be discussed:

  • adaptation to demographic changes in an ageing population;
  • promoting the employment of older persons, their education/retraining;
  • trends in increasing the retirement age in the G20 countries;
  • youth employment policies in countries with increasing numbers of young people;
  • the role of the government and social partners in the context of increasing the period of employment;
  • use and development of new technologies in the field of long-term care and improvement of working conditions of employees in this area.

The First Deputy Minister Alexey Vovchenko will perform the presentation on the topic «Enhancing the Employability of Old Workers and Assisting Old Job Seekers», where he presents the experience of the Russian Federation on working with persons of pre-retirement age, stimulating employment of older workers, ensuring the income of older people, the use of their labour potential in the interests of the country's economy, expanding opportunities for active longevity through the development of continuous education.

Enhancing the Employability of Older Workers and Assisting Older Job Seekers